Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sansan Global PTE. LTD.

Since its founding in 2007, Sansan has focused on delivering its cloud based contact management service to customers in Japan and beyond. Sansan is setting the standard in Japan for cloud-based contact management, with annually doubling numbers of users from over 4,000 premium corporate users including the Japanese Government(METI). Sansan, Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan and has its subsidiary Sansan Global PTE. LTD. in Singapore since October 2015.

Our Mission

Creating a resource from everyday business encounters and transforming the way the world works

Perhaps even 90% of business encounters bear no fruit. You may have expended a lot of effort to meet someone or just encountered someone by chance, but in the end you just exchanged business cards and left that card in your drawer and forgot about it. However, you will never know if an encounter might evolve into an opportunity and you will never know if the person next to you in the office might find some potential in that encounter. We at Sansan want to preserve and organize these encounters in databases for our clients, create networks, and by doing that, change business encounters into a resource our clients can use.

From this resource, you can extract a new value, and transform the way the world works.


  • Nissay Capital
  • DCM
  • Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
  • IncubateFund
  • Energy & Environment Investment
  • CyberAgent
  • Recruit Strategic Partners
  • GMO VenturePartners
  • Nikkei